Exploring & Learning Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Hi fellow OSINTer's, welcome to my OSINT blog. I have recently discovered OSINT and I got deeply fascinated by this subject so I have started my journey to hone my OSINT skills. In this blog, I will share my learnings about OSINT from my Investigations or CTFs (Capture The Flag). This would be my way to giving back to the OSINT community. I hope you learn something new today.

[Hacktoria] Gas Attack Contract Writeup

This is my first writeup on this blog. In this writeup, I solved the Hacktoria Gas Attack Contract. I hope you get to learn something new from this. Contract Briefing Greetings, Special Agent K. We have an urgent and very grim scenario on our hands. About 20 minutes ago, we received word from one of our red teams, that they’ve uncovered plans on the dark-web to test a new neuro-toxic gas on an undisclosed city.